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What people say about us

Heather Linkens

One of my favorite stores! I come here even when I’m not specifically looking for something, yet I always leave with something that spoke to me while there. Such an amazing variety, and the nicest staff 💗

Kathy Guse

I was blown way by this shop! When you walk through he door the vibrations of inner peace just overwhelms your being! They have everything for your inner soul….wall hangings, crystals, beautiful statues, jewelry, oils….the list goes on! The owner is a wonderful,sweet woman who you feel you’ve known forever! The prices are SO reasonable! Who ever thought to find such a gem in Lititz? It’s going to be my new favorite place to shop! I wish I could give it more than five stars….it’s a ten! Highly recommend!

Kara Nikole

I love Your Inner Light for many different reasons. I love that the tumbled stones I’ve gotten there have been hand picked and blessed. The atmosphere of the store is peaceful and charming. This is my go to for tapestries and incense also! Your Inner Light also sells beautiful jewelry that makes for great gifts. They also have a majorly large selection of items that make great gifts. YOUR INNER LIGHT IS MY FAVORITE! ❤

Naomi Negron

This is one of my new favorite stores! Your Inner Light is outstanding from every aspect. They have something for almost everyone no matter what religion or belief you follow! Not only are they warm and welcoming, but they make you feel like family (even if its your very first time visiting). There prices are extremely fair. 10/10 would recommend. 🥰

Danny G

Absolutely an intoxicating atmosphere. Britta a shawn are wonderful people who know their product’s . Very friendly, very reasonable prices, over all if you live near or far, this is the shop to stop at. I’m so happy to see that the corvid nonsense has not done damage to this wonderful small business. That’s because they are legit and radiating positive energy. If your spiritual lost stop in here, they have something for everyone, even your dogs.

Gemini Rose Summers

Britta Willms is one of the most warm-hearted, beautiful souls I’ve encountered in *this* life thus far, and I consider myself blessed to have. Its a rarity to cross someone who’s presence &aura alone is strong enough to leave one feeling refreshed after passing. Uncoincidentally she shares a name with a water filter& the correlation is undeniable. She also happens to own a store (with her husband Shawn~whom is equally wonderful) named Your Inner Light, located in Lititz. It beckons individuals to come inside. I recommend with all my being to anybody and everybody that a trip/visit is worth it in incomprehensible ways. Ones life may alter in potentially unexpected, positive ways just from dropping by! For those experiencing long term negativity, Shawn performs cleansing’s, and the effects are impeccably miraculous. God bless this couples existence, everything they live for, their store, and home

Stephany Beachler

I had my first visit today and was greeted so warmly. The vibe of the store was so positive & beautiful. There was such a good variety of stuff for whatever need you have. I will got sure be going back.

Jessica Lim

Amazing store! Always has everything I’m looking for. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend.

Tammi Vaughn

Excellent variety and selection of crystals, incense, and oils. Warm, welcoming staff with smiles that greet your presence from the moment you enter the door.

Jacqueline Blackston

This shop is so full of positivity! The owners were extremely helpful and very friendly. There is a lot to this place and you will most likely find what you are looking for here. Can’t wait to go back!

Kat Mack

This adorable little shop is tucked back in between farm land & communities. If you blink, you might pass it…but you’ll regret it. This is easily one of my top favorite crystal shops that I’ve visited. Very relaxing atmosphere & the people who own the shop actually know what they’re talking about. 10/10 would recommend to a friend & will definitely come again.

Transportation Fairy

Awesome shop if you are looking for a metaphysical, new age store. There selection of stones n crystals is the best and you can’t beat their prices. They have a wide variety if fairies, books, music, figurines n more to meet all your spiritual n household needs. Well worth the visit n will definitely be going back.

Sarah Francis

This place is great! This lady told me things that there was no way that they could have known, like specific family members who passed away. We were late and they still were able to accommodate us. While I was waiting the owner sat down and spoke with me, she is very personable. I felt very calm going in, and felt good with my experience, it was completely worth the trip.

Eric Reitmeier

Everything happens for a reason. I visited Your Inner Light on what seemed like a whim and it has changed my life. I am learning so much through talking to the owner, Britta, and the people who visit and hold classes. Its a phenomenal place for knowledge, tools, insight, and light and love. I strongly encourage anyone seeking a deeper truth to visit.

Rachel Stellhorn

This little shop is wonderful! Sean and Britta (apologies if I spelled incorrectly!) were so so incredibly welcoming and friendly. There’s something here for everyone, and so much to explore and learn. Will definitely be returning!

Colette Manco

Love this store! Great energy and extremely kind employees, I will definitely be back ! 🙂

Mike P

Shawn and Britta have been great people to talk with over the years and the quality of their products has been unmatched by any other crystal store I have visited on the east coast from Jacksonville Florida up through Pennsylvania. I regularly check out local and remote shops and I always come back to “Your Inner Light” for the best crystals, Tarot cards and advice. Sean and Britta hand select and perform their own cleansing on all their crystals and I truly feel this makes the difference. They don’t just sell metaphysical products but believe in them as well and it has had such a positive impact on my life. I can’t recall ever leaving this store and not feeling at peace. Just walking in is like getting a free Reiki energy cleaning. I recommend this store to all my friends and always love going back.

Gab B.

The owners, selection, prices, activities, energy are all good. Best metaphysical shop I’ve ever visited.

Stephanie Miranda

I so love your shop. I drive at least 45min just to go. Even if it’s just 1 crystal I get lol. You guys are always so friendly & helpful. I always recommend you. stay blessed, stay safe. Blessed be

Jessica Steffan

I absolutely love this place!!! so beautiful and the process are extremely fair!!! I don’t always get the chance to go out that way, but I make it a point to go when I can! Thank you Britta for having such a sanctuary to gather and shop😘💗🙏

Sindar Isis Fae

This place has in incredibly impressive selection of rare stones and crystals. Their prices are reasonable, and they have so much to offer in their beautiful space. <3

Nancy Santiago

I visited this wonderful establishment today. It’s filled with tons of wonderful products to purchase, great vibes, and a wonderful staff. Britta is amazing! I went there specifically to see a gentleman named Sam. He works with removing attachments, and has an awesome assistant, Shawn, who he works with. Im glad I took the 2 1/2 hour drive up there. I am not disappointed! I walked in there with emotional and physical discomfort, due to these attachments that WERE thriving off me, and walked out pain free, spiritually cleansed , feeling light and full of purpose and happiness. There are a lot of things we might not understand, and its okay to seek help and answers. This is what helped me, maybe it can help you as well.

Stephany Shepherd

Such a great selection! I went in purposely looking for a few pieces, but with an open heart & mind and was totally fulfilled.

Jakie Martinez

Looveee this place. Knowledgeable, kind, and always willing to help. You will buy more than you planned for, its just that great!!

Susan Pogorzelski

Your Inner Light is my favorite metaphysical shop. Run by great people who have a beautiful spirit, it’s always a treat to walk in there and be greeted by familiar, friendly faces. They have an amazing stock of supplies (I tend to gravitate towards the tarot cards and tumbled stones) in various, affordable price points. I’ve also had a healing session with their regular energy healer, Sam, which was a beautiful experience. Highly recommended!