Tree Agate

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High quality tumbled Tree Agate. Considered to be a talisman in some parts of India, Tree Agate is a stone of inner peace. It calms nerves and can be combined with clear Quartz to deepen meditation and prayer. Tree Agate brings our focus to the oneness of us all, dissolving egoism and arrogance. Use it to ease relationship problems in children. Having a deep connection to nature, Tree Agate can assist those involved with conservation projects. It is a healer of geopathic stress by emitting its calming and centering energies into the environment. Tree Agate is a highly supportive stone that boosts the immune system and regulates the balance of water in the body. It also clears energy blockages in the body. It can help ailments of the nerves and blood capillaries, but is especially helpful to those with neuralgia.


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