Lion Skin Jasper

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Tumbled Lionskin Jasper.

Lion Skin polished stone is a new name that has been given to silicified Golden Tiger Eye which has an optical reflectance similar to Pietersite. It is NOT a Jasper as it is currently identified on several Websites. These paticular Lionskin tumbles are mostly smooth, but do have some dents and pitting. Some are filled with the golden optical reflectance fibers while others are a blend of quartz and fibers (which looks like a really thick Rutile visually). The properties of both Quartz and Golden Tiger Eye will apply to this stone as it is a combination of both. Golden Tiger Eye is helpful for those seeking clarity. It can be used to enhance psychic abilities and can assist in the gentle attunement of the Third Eye. Golden Tiger Eye often gives off a very earthy energy and as such, is often chosen by “earthy” people. Golden Tiger Eye balances yin-yang energies. It can be used to stimulate wealth and maintain wealth. Golden Tiger Eye produces soothing vibrations, generating calmness to unsettled turmoil. Quartz is a stone of amplification – which makes Lion Skin a very powerful stone indeed!


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