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In the metaphysical world, bronzite is sometimes referred to as “the stone of courtesy” or “the stone of focused action”, as it is believed to instill politeness in the people around us and encourage control and certainty, helping us to figure out what we desire in our lives and to take control of our actions. Bronzite also serves as an excellent grounding and protective stone. Wearing it in the form of jewelry, meditating with it and/or keeping it near may help to alleviate nervous energy stemming from new situations, enhance creativity, dispel negativity ( or even return it to its sender), clear confusion and allow us to be more objective by helping us to step back and see the bigger picture/ In a nutshell, it can be the most useful in situations where we feel overwhelmed and powerless, in that its influecne is claimed to restore self confidence and harmony, increase self esteem, alleviate doubt and indecision and more. With bronzite as our companion, we may discover the courage needed to take the next necessary path in our lives. This mineral resonates with all chakras, but particularly the sacral and base chakras.


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