Aqua Aura Quartz

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Aqua aura quartz has a high, intense vibration used to enhance other minerals for healing and a potent stone when used in body layouts for activation of all the chakras. It has a calm, relaxing effect on the emotional body and is exceptional for releasing negativity and stress, soothing and healing the aura. It is particularly stimulating to the throat chakra, enhancing one’s ability to express emotions in a constructive, positive manner and encouraging one to speak their truth from the heart. Aqua aura activates soul energy, freeing one from limitation and creating space for something new. It deepens spiritual attunement and can be an aid for conscious channeling and all types of inter-dimensional communication. Aqua Aura safeguards against psychic attack, energy drain and spiritual vampirism, and provides profound peace during meditation, opening gateways to the angelic realm. It is believed to strengthen the thymus gland and immune system into and to aid treatments for genetic disorders, asbestosis, autism, Asperger syndrome, cerebral palsy and in balancing polarities. It is highly beneficial in multi dimensional and cellular memory healing, and is an efficient receptor for programming and bringing the body into balance.


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