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About Us

Your Inner Light is a books, gifts and wellness center that specializes in natural healing products in Lancaster PA. We offer a wide variety of wellness products including: healing candles, tapestries, healing jewelry,healing crystals, and much more. You can visit our online store for a full list of our natural healing products in Lancaster PA, or stop by our store at 1606 Rothsville Rd, Lititz PA.

We have many high-quality items available for fash shipping right to your door! We have the best selection, best quality, and best prices on all your needs for healing crystals and stones. Please visit our new Crystal Healing Chart to learn which stone is right for you.

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Our Mission Statement:
Our reason for being is to create an atmosphere of knowledge, trust and inner peace. May any who wish to join us on our spiritual journey do so with the understanding that we are all connected. We are here to enable the tools and different modalities of enlightenment to attain our goals. Not only for ourselves, but for all who wish to travel upon this path. From this foundation we are committed to creating, through love and respect, an abundance of wealth and knowledge with which we can help raise the consciousness of those around us and of the Earth herself, thereby creating a peaceful, respectful and environmentally sustainable journey.

We provide high quality products from healing crystals to fine jewelry and everything in between. We offer speakers, classes and Healing Workshops put on by only the finest practitioners whom we have known, have worked with personally, and who we highly recommend.

We welcome every one of you into our spiritual center. We ask and respect your vision as to how we can improve our service to be mutually beneficial. A higher consciousness has brought you to our door. We are humbled that you allow us to be a part of your journey, and honored that you chose to be a part of ours.

WholiSound Serenity Box

Find a place of calm, peace and wellness.
It's like Tai Chi in a box but so much easier, faster and achievable.
Is someone you love in pain, sick and suffering? Are you?
The most prestigious medical institutions in the world have studied the effects of Tai Chi and qigong on people who suffer everything from stress to pain to serious disease states. They've concluded that it's an effective and recommended treatment. Unfortunately, most people who are sick or suffering don’t have the kind of time or ability it takes to truly benefit from Tai Chi’s deep healing. $20.00 for sixty minute session, for more information visit the WholiSound Website below.WholiSound